Bangkok blog hotel swimming pool

Sometimes in Bangkok you just want a refreshing dip into the swimming pool.  Luckily, Bangkok has a great amount of hotels with swimming pools in different areas and price categories.  Here you find several hotels in Bangkok with swimming pools where you can take a refreshing dip after discovering Bangkok by bicycle.  The 3 areas covered are Khao san road area, Bangrak/Sathorn and the Riverside.  Included are directions from these area to our office.  Read more 

Bangkok climate and bike tour

Bangkok has a tropical monsoon climate.  It doesn’t experience the highest temperatures but it does have the highest year-round average.  The main reason being that temperatures don’t drop significantly at night.  The monsoon climate gives Bangkok the three following seasons: Read more 

Airport to khao san road - blog

How to get get from the airport to Khao san road? A question often asked by those staying in and around the popular backpackers street of Khao san Road in Bangkok’s historical district Rattanakosin. As Bangkok has two different airport we will explain how to get to Khao san Road from both these airports.  Read more 


Bangkok transportation guide


Bangkok is a huge metropolis and it’s hard not to get intimidated by her size the first time you are visiting.  Chances are you might feel limited in your freedom of moving by all the traffic to navigate around and explore Bangkok.  This guide on transportation will help you to get around Bangkok efficiently. Read more 


Bangkok to do one day


Bangkok has a lot to offer and there are there is always more to explore. However when you are new to the city and only have one day in Bangkok you are probably looking to get the most out of your day. Here is a one day plan to get the utmost out of your day.  Read more 

Nearby Bangkok hotels

The Co van Kessel Bangkok tours office is located on the edge of Chinatown and located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Our location makes it possible to find nearby high-end luxury hotels on the romantic river front as well as medium- and budget range hotels located in charismatic Chinatown.  Here are some hotels we can recommend.  Read more 

Must do Bangkok: bike tour

When looking for things to do in Bangkok a bike tour might not be the first thing that you will think of. However it’s a great activity to discover what we call the ‘Real Bangkok’. Here is what makes a bike tour the thing to do in Bangkok.  Read more

temple behaviour

On our bike-, walking- and boat tours we often visit some of Bangkok’s local temples. We are always more than welcome to get a taste of Thai culture. However, there are some easy but important things to note before visiting any temple and particularly before entering the main hall (bot) where the main Buddha image is housed. Read more  

rooftop bar bangkok










The skyline of Bangkok is beautiful and gives a great panoramic view on the city. To enjoy this view there are many rooftop bars to be found. A visit to a rooftop bar is another highlight on a visit to Bangkok and gives a great view on it’s amazing skyline. After you have experienced the city from within (either by bike or by foot), you can discover the city from above with a drink, not far from our office. Read more

bike tour with children

Co van Kessel bike tours are a popular activity in Bangkok for families and suitable for children of all ages. Safety is not a primary concern because we do not cycle in traffic.  We have children’s bikes as well as adult bikes with child- and baby seats on the back. Read more 


taxi bangkok

Taxi’s in Bangkok are everywhere and are mostly cheaper than in your homecountry. However, as a tourist new to Bangkok, it can be more of a hassle to pay the right price. In this article we would like to show you how to take a taxi in Bangkok. Read more


Spirit houses 

Along our bicycle routes and everywhere around Bangkok you can find spirit houses. You’ll see them in -and in front of- houses, in trees, next to offices, in front of shopping malls and along the roads. Most of the houses we see on the way have a spirit house. They look like small, colorful, beautifully decorated temples. Besides being beautiful to photograph, what are they for? Read more


Songkran Bangkok

Every year in April the Thai New Year is being celebrated.  In Thai culture, Songkran initially was celebrated by dousing water over the shoulders which is considered a blessing.  Nowadays Songkran is famous for it’s celebration and is just one big water party. Read more


If you are interested in going off the beaten path by bicycle we are happy to take you around.  This is our team, ready to assist you and show you what we call the ‘Real Bangkok’.


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Co-founder & General Manager – Bachelor’s degree in tourism from Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University. With a subtle brilliance rooted in a sweet, country-girl heart, Nong partnered with Co to transform what was once simply an eccentric diversion into one of Bangkok’s most innovative and adventurous traveler experiences.


Henry Hsu

Business Strategy Manager – Masters degree in computer engineering and Masters degree in business administration (MBA) from the University of California.  A former computer engineer from America whose long corporate road led him to the peace and purity of a life in Thailand… devoted to serving the needs of travelers from around the world.




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