Shining guide: Mr. Sunday

1 year ago

His bright smile is hard to miss when you visit Co van Kessel. Always ready to help customers and colleagues, Sunday has been a familiar face since 2015.
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Originally from Chantaburi, Mr. Sunday was looking for a new challenge as a guide and started as a cycling guide at Co van Kessel. As most new guides he had to adjust from a very generic approach to guiding in previous jobs to a very hands-on approach that focuses on bringing local experiences to foreigners and maintaining close relationships with the local community. He learned quickly and  even grew from experienced cycling guide to PR and communications manager at Co van Kessel. Using his experience, he is constantly working on keeping he tours up to standard. This means following up on things the guides encounter during the tours. This can be a foot bridge that needs fixing or a change in routing due to road construction.

He also works on maintaining a fair and sustainable relation with the local people in the communities where the tours pass. For example, taking responsibility when customers accidentally cause damage to local people’s property or participating in local fundraisers
Needless to say that Sunday is a busy man, but he will be even busier early next year when he has to balance work with his studies for a business MBA. He also has plans to travel a bit more himself. North-Korea is high on the list, same as Narathiwat in the south of Thailand. 

Fun fact: Sunday once had an elderly woman in the group that couldn’t bike very well. She fell in a canal during the tour (minor injuries luckily) and promised hime to improve her cycling skills. Not thinking much of it, Sunday was very surprised to see the same lady again the year after and even booking the same tour! Her daughter confirmed she had practiced a lot and the lady completed the tour without injuries and enjoyed it to the fullest!

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Elske de Vries | Author of Travel Kids Thailand

After her Master degree in South East Asian Languages & Cultures, Elske moved to Thailand to study Thai language and the culture.  Having lived and worked in Bangkok for years, this has become her second home.  

Elske loves to explore Thailand off the beaten path and getting inspired by Thai culture.  All her knowledge has been captured in her Travel Kids Thailand books.  An informative book for children (and adults alike!) full of fun facts, information and engaging excercises.

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Join Mr. Sunday or anyone of us in exploring Bangkok off the beaten path on our leisurely bicycle rides.

Our experiences, let’s go and see for yourself! 

Co Classical: 3 hour bike tour

The Co Classical 3 hour bicycle tour explores the backstreets of Chinatown and the charming local areas of Thonburi.

Co Combo: 5 hour bike/boat tour
Discover the highlights of the Co Classical, 3 hour bicycle tour.  In addition explore Bangkok’s hidden plantations, rural Bangkok by long-tail boat and enjoy a tasty Thai style meal.

Co All Day: 9 hour bike/boat/train tour
The must-do tour for the hardy adventurer or for those who just wish to extend their bicycle tour experience a bit more.  One of the highlights include travelling by train, longtail-boat and skytrain.

Co by Night: 3 hour bike tour by night
Our bike tour in the cooler evening air through Chinatown and charming Thonburi.  The skyline of Bangkok by night is one of the highlights on this 3 hour bike ride.

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