Bangkok's climate year round


Bangkok has a tropical monsoon climate. It doesn’t experience the highest temperatures but it does have the highest year-round average. The main reason being that temperatures don’t drop significantly at night. The monsoon climate gives Bangkok the three following seasons

November to February: Cool season

These months are Bangkok’s ‘cool months’ with an average of 26°C.  During these months numerous outdoor beer-gardens and restaurants pop up around Bangkok for everyone to enjoy the cooler evenings.

March to May: Hot season

February and March are the end of the cooler season with day temperatures up to 40 degrees.  During Bangkok’s summer the Thai new year, Songkran, is being celebrated (read more on our blog).  This famous water-party is a welcome relief from the warmer summer days.  Air Conditioned shopping malls, rooftop bars and of course boat (and bike) tours or other water-activities are perfect things to do in Bangkok’s summer.


Joining one of our bicycle tours in Bangkok is a surprisingly refreshing adventure year round. The activity of cycling (as opposed to walking), will always create a slight breeze to help cool you down. We are also aided by the fact that Bangkok terrain is inherently very flat and we cycle at a leisurely pace.

June to October: Rainy season

After Bangkok’s hotter and drier season the rain coming in May/June is a threat for Thailand’s farmers and also washes away some of Bangkok’s heath.  A typical characteristic of this rainy season is a 30-minute torrential shower mostly in the later afternoon.  Rain is also a very localized phenomenon, happening in small pockets in places while being completely dry only a few kilometers away making it hard to trust too much on weather forecasts.  Often times, the rain can offer a refreshing break from the tropical heat.


In our vast experience doing the tours, we know that heavy rains rarely last more than 20 minutes and our guides know very well where to take our customers for cover during the deluge. In light rain, we provide ponchos to our customers and cycle on. Often times, the rain can offer a refreshing break from the tropical heat.

Our bike (and boat) tours are year round great fun to do and every season bring a little of his own charm!!