What to Do in Bangkok in One Day?


Bangkok has a lot to offer and there are there is always more to explore. However when you are new to the city and only have one day in Bangkok you are probably looking to get the most out of your day. Here is a ONE DAY PLAN to get the utmost out of your day:

You might want to a book a hotel in Bangkok's old town Rattanakosin.  Conveniently located near Bangkok’s famous and must-see tourist attractions.  We would recommend Samsen road or Rambuttri as more laid back alternatives for the hecticness of Khao san road.


  • The Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew)
  • Wat Arun and Wat Pho
  • Khao San Road and Rambuttri
  • Bangkok's skyline view from rooftop bar


  • Bangkok’s ancient canals (khlongs)
  • Day-to-day life of communities in the historic capital of Thailand; Thonburi
  • Bangkok’s green area and forgotten tropical plantations nobody knows about

You might want to a book a hotel in the area of Khao san road.  Conveniently located near Bangkok’s famous and must-see tourist attractions.  Samsen road or Rambuttri are more laid back alternatives for the hecticness of Khao san road.

[MORNING] Must-do Tourist Attractions of Bangkok

Start the day early and go temple-hopping around Bangkok’s old town.  These most famous highlights of Bangkok are are considered a must-do for first time visitors. They are all within walking distance (see map) of each other.

The Grand Palace is among the top tourist attractions in the whole of Thailand.  Try to forget about all the other tourists and enjoy the impressive architecture, Thai art and stunning decoration throughout the complex.  

Credit https://www.royalgrandpalace.th/

You will find Wat Phra Kaew (the Emerald Buddha) within the grounds of the complex.  On walking distance you will find the beautiful temple complex of Wat Pho and the reclining Buddha.  Crossing the river by ferry then will bring you to Wat Arun, or the ‘temple of dawn’.

After seeing Bangkok’s busy tourist highlights it is now time to go off the beaten path and experience the ‘Real Bangkok’ to see how the locals live.  Take the Chao Phraya river express to get to the Co van Kessel office.  The trip itself on the boat is a nice experience itself as you will see beautiful temples, lively markets and traditional houses which makes for a picturesque experience.  Get off at pier N4, Marine Department (orange flag boat) or the River City pier (blue flag boat) to get to the Co van Kessel office.

[AFTERNOON] Authentic Local Bangkok: Off the beaten path

Join us on our Co Combo, 5 hour bike/boat tour which will let you experience life of the locals and hidden secrets of Bangkok.   We take our bike through narrow alleyways, markets and small side streets.  Longtail boats will transport you through the khlongs (canals)  to rural Bangkok and you will discover why Bangkok is often designated “Venice of the East”.  

Following this pleasant break, the bike tour continues through luscious green belts and explores the forgotten plantations of this great city.  Surprising not in their beauty, but in their proximity to the sprawling metropolis, this tranquil ride will leave us pleasantly refreshed for our equally enthralling journey back to Chinatown. Be prepared to be amazed!

Bangkok to do: khlong tour
bangkok to do chinatown

After you have experienced the city from within (either by bike or by foot), you can discover the city from above with a well deserved drink and some food.

[EVENING] Rooftop Bar: Amazing Views on Bangkok’s Skyline

Bangkok has an amazing skyline and this might be the reason why there are so many rooftop bars to be found (7 nearby rooftop bars).  The most famous rooftop bar is ‘’Sky-bar’’ op top of the Lebua hotel and famous from the movie Hangover II.  However after cycling you might want to opt for a more casual bar in your bike-outfit to sit down and have a drink.

Bangkok Rooftop Bar

Photo credits: Banyan Tree

[LATE EVENING] Party at Khao San Road, RCA or Tawan Daeng

Before heading to bed (if you still have energy) stroll down Khao san road, South East Asia’s backpackers hub.  At night, no matter which day, this street is packed with backpackers, holiday goers and local Thai.  An interesting place with plenty of bars and a very lively atmosphere…

An other option is to head to Tawan Daeng, a German micro brewery located just outside Bangkok’s downtown.  Enjoy Thai food, German beer and Thai cultural performances such as Thai dancing or comedy drag performances.

You have now got the utmost out of your one day in Bangkok! However there is so much more to discover and to do so you definitely have to come back!

Have you been to Bangkok many times before and think you have seen everything?  Try our 9 hour bike tour to see places you haven’t seen before or check out our other tours.