Why a bike tour is a must do activity in Bangkok

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A bicycle tour in Bangkok?!?! When looking for things to do in Bangkok a bike tour might not be the first thing that you will think of. However it’s a great activity to discover what we call the ‘Real Bangkok’. Here is what makes a bike tour the thing to do in Bangkok.

See more of Bangkok in less time

Exploring Bangkok by bike gives you the opportunity to see more in less time.  You will get to see the ins and outs of Bangkok’s different hidden areas in just a relative short time.

Off the beaten path, see places you wouldn’t go yourself

More than 30 years ago, Mr. Co van Kessel spent thousands of hours on his mountain bike exploring the vast network of local streets, alleyways, footpaths and canals between the main urban thoroughfares.  What he found, lurking behind the facade of modernization, were hidden worlds of peace and tranquility, a picture of “Real” Thai life that has remained unchanged for countless decades; an identity of a city that is true to the Thai people, yet largely unknown to outsiders: the REAL Bangkok.

Maximum exposure to Bangkok’s elements

Cycling on our bike and on our stops we are exposed to Bangkok’s people, tastes, smells, sounds and air.  We aim to immerse you in an experience where your individual fascinations emerge.  All these dimensions add to the Real Bangkok experience. only few visitors will have.

Safety first, away from traffic & burning calories

On our tours we don’t cycle through Bangkok’s notorious traffic or packed streets through busses, tuk-tuk’s, motorbikes or taxi’s.  Instead we cycle through narrow alleyways, markets, residential areas and occasionally a sidewalk. Cycling is healthy; It’s a good exercise and you will burn calories without even noticing.

Cycling and sightseeing in a leisurely pace

For our bike tours you don’t have to be super-fit as we cycle in a leisurely pace and cover an average of 3-4 kilometers per hour.  We try to make our tours as accessible as possible so also children are able discover the Real bangkok with plenty of stops.  See our tours as a sightseeing tour where we use our bicycle instead of our feet.

Experience Bangkok and learn about Thai culture

Our mission is to provide our guests with a singularly unique travel experience and not bore you with talk, but to immerse you in an experience where your individual fascinations emerge.  However you will learn new things about Thai culture and our guides are happy and able to answer any question that arises.



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