Let us take you off the beaten path, to experience the wonders in normalcy

Expect to be surprised, prepare to be amazed!

Looking for an authentic and unique adventure? Co van Kessel bike tours and boat tours provides a refreshing alternative to the tired tourist experience.   We do not battle the crowds at clichéd destinations promoted in guide books, but turn your attention to quaint local communities and charming excursions into the fascinating lifestyle and culture of real Thai people.  Every day is different and every tour is a surprise as we focus not on destinations, but lose ourselves in the enchantment of the journey itself.



Our mission at Co van Kessel Bangkok Tours is to provide our guests with a singularly unique travel experience in Thailand. All our tours use Co’s extensive topographical knowledge of the greater Bangkok area as well as his keen eye for the interesting to take you where nobody else can or will..


Chiang Mai Tours

Chiang Mai's rich culture boosts loads of unexplored temples, markets and day-to-day life. Induldge in local life and experience life that is merely accessible by bike. Venture outside the famous walls of the 'Rose of the North' and experience how local communities live their ordinary yet memorable life.