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bangkok’s original bicycle tour...

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Our Concept

The REAL Bangkok…

Looking for an authentic and unique adventure? Co van Kessel bike tours and boat tours provides a refreshing alternative to the tired tourist experience. We do not battle the crowds at clichéd destinations promoted in guide books, but turn your attention to quaint local communities and charming excursions into the fascinating lifestyle and culture of real Thai people. Every day is different and every tour is a surprise as we focus not on destinations, but lose ourselves in the enchantment of the journey itself.

Honoring his legacy…

Operating according to Co’s principles and propelled by his legacy, the Co van Kessel team is dedicated to exceeding all your expectations on your holiday experience, serving you with energy, enthusiasm, and a smile. Arrive as a guest and leave as our friend…



Tour questions

What is included on a Co van Kessel tour?

All Co van Kessel tours include the following (when appropriate):

  • Experienced English speaking local guides
  • Safe, well-maintained bicycle (city or mountain bike)
  • Bicycle helmet (upon request)
  • Drinking water enroute
  • Boat & ferry rides where appropriate 
  • 24-hour emergency insurance

Does the tour visit popular Bangkok tourist sites?

We pride ourselves in being an alternative to the standard tourist experience by taking our customers "off the beaten path"  to show them the REAL Bangkok.  As such, our tours do not go to typical mass tourism attractions like the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Jim Thompson House, etc.  We go behind the scenes into the local communities to places that are typically inaccessible to the average traveler.  Please do not be concerned about duplicating location visits on your own during the rest of your time in Bangkok.


Is it too hot to ride a bicycle in Thailand?

Joining one of our bicycle tours in Bangkok is a surprisingly refreshing adventure year round.  The activity of cycling (as opposed to walking), will always create a breeze to help cool you down. We are also aided by the fact that Bangkok terrain is inherently very flat and we cycle at a leisurely pace.  In addition, plenty of cold drinks and rest stops along the way will keep you refreshed for the journey.

What if it rains?

We will never cancel a tour due to rain!  The weather in Bangkok is unpredictable and rain can occur at any time, especially during the rainy season of July-September.  Rain is also a very localized phenomenon, happening in small pockets in places while being completely dry only a few kilometers away.  In our vast experience doing the tours, we know that heavy rains rarely last more than 30 minutes and our guides know very well where to take our customers for cover during the deluge.  In light rain, we provide ponchos to our customers and cycle on.  Often times, the rain will offer a refreshing break from the tropical heat.

What should I wear on the tour?

On our tours we are guests at local and more conservative communities, including temples.  Please allow us to ask you to dress more conservatively out of respect for the local community.  A top that covers the shoulders and a sarong for covering the legs in a temple is always appreciated in Thai culture.

We recommend you wear light, comfortable clothing with a hat to keep the sun off your head.  For footwear, we recommend closed shoes or sports sandals for maximum protection and control during your tour.  For your own safety, we discourage the use of ‘flip flops’ as they often compromise the ability of the rider to control his/her bicycle on the tour.  The liberal use of sunscreen is also highly encouraged. 

What language is spoken on the tours?

The vast majority of our guides are English speaking local Thais.  During certain peak times of the year (ie. July, August), we may have additional Dutch speaking guides available.

By design, our tours do not contain much talking. Our philosophy is to focus more on the interactive experience of cycling within the local community rather than presentations about facts, figures, or history.  In that respect, language does not play a large factor in your tour experience, and it is unlikely that you will feel like you've missed out on anything by not having a native language guide.

Do you have to be physically fit or athletic to join the bicycle tour?

Our bicycle tours are not designed for cycling enthusiasts.  We cycle at a leisurely pace and make frequent stops at interesting destinations along the way.  Children as young as five years and seniors as old as 80 years have joined our tour with no issues.  That being said, we do cycle through narrow alleyways and upon raised footpaths over water, so a certain level of balance and comfort on a bike is required.

Unfortunately, the tour is not appropriate for people who are not comfortable handling a bike and there is no possibility for non-cyclers to join their cycling friends on a tour (ie. via motorbike, tandem bike, or rickshaw)


Do you have tandem bikes / electric bikes?

We do not have any tandem bikes as they will not work in the tight spaces and sharp corners of our tour route.

We do not have any electric bikes. Bangkok is extremely flat and easy to cycle, so we do not find electric bikes to be necessary.


Do you offer private tours?

  • For larger groups (10+) it is usually not a problem to book a private tour.  In our peak summer months (July-Aug.) this may not apply.

  • During non-peak periods (March - June; Sep. - Oct.) it may be possible to book a private tour for smaller groups (ie. 4-8 persons.

  • Please send your enquiries to contact@covankessel.com. Additional charges may apply depending on the number of participants booked.

Do you cater to corporate events?

Yes, we are happy to work with you in planning teambuilding or other corporate events based on our tours.  In the past, we have organized such events for a variety of corporate clients locally and abroad (Red Hat, Air France-KLM, Accor Group, Elsevier Health Sciences, etc.).

What kind of bikes do you have?

We have designed our own custom yellow Co van Kessel city bikes to give our guests the ultimate local Bangkok experience.  This means our bicycles are comfortable delivering a straight-up position to look around, open frame to easily step on/off,  All of our bikes are adjustable in size and we have bikes suitable for both smaller and taller people.

  • Comfortable and straight-up position for a better connection with the environment
  • Step-through frame to facilitate easy mounting / dismounting
  • Hand-brakes
  • Basket to bring along bags, camera's etc.

Co van Kessel Bangkok Bicycle

Do I need to wear a helmet?

On our bicycle tours you don’t have to wear a helmet. However, if you feel like wearing a helmet just ask your guide who will provide you with one.

Booking questions

Can I pay for my tour on the spot?

Yes!  It's not a problem to pay in cash at our office before the start of your tour.  We can also accept credit cards but there's a 3% banking surcharge.  In order to pay at our office simply choose ''SUBMIT BOOKING REQUEST ONLY'' at step 3 of your booking. 

Do you take credit card payments?

Yes, we do accept credit card payments at the office, but there is 3% surcharge for the banking system. So we suggest you to pay by cash or make an online payment. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We require at least 24-hour notice prior to your tour departure time to receive a refund on pre-paid tour bookings.  Otherwise, it is not a problem to cancel a booking by sending an email to let us know.

Do you have availability?

Each tour-page has it's own dedicated calendar with live availability.  Green means the tour is available on that day and can be booked directly.  Yellow needs to be approved first where red means the tour is unavailable on that day. 

Children on the tours

What kind of bikes do you have for children?

We have different sizes of children’s bikes as well as adult bikes with child- and baby seats on the back for our younger guests.  Please note that all of our bicycles have hand-brakes where most children are used to bikes with back-pedal brakes.  For more information on children on our bicycle tour please find our dedicated BLOG-post on children on our bicycle tour.

Please also have a look at photos of our current children bikes and baby- and children seats 


Can children join the bicycle tours?

Yes, Co van Kessel tours are a family friendly activity and we welcome children of all ages.  On our bicycle tours, we provide the following assistance for our young friends

  • infant seat on the back for children 0-2 years old
  • child seat on the back for children 3-5 years old
  • small bikes for children 5-10 years old

We recommend the 3-hour and 5-hour tours for children under the age of 12 years.  The 9-hour tour contains more advanced cycling and requires more endurance, which may be too much for young children

Is there a discount for children?

Yes, children under the age of 12 years get 25% off regular prices.   Small children who can ride with their parents in a child or baby seat can join for free.

Do you have helmets for children?

Yes, please ask your guide before the tour.

Is the tour safe for children?

As long as your children are comfortable handling a bike, they should have no problem on our tour. We do not cycle on main road with traffic, but prefer to make use of back roads, alleyways, and footpaths where we can connect intimately with the local community.

Location and Directions

Where is the meeting point for the tours?

All of our tours start and end at our office at River City Bangkok (add link to ‘How to find us’)

What is the best way to get to the CVK office from the airport?

From the Suvarnabhumi (BKK) airport

  • During rush hour (6-9am, 5-8pm), using the Airport Link train combined with the MRT (subway) is advisable. (~ 1 hour transit time, ~200 baht)
  • Catch the Airport Link train going into the city on the basement level (B1) of the Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • Disembark the Airport Link at the Makkasan Station and make your way to the Petchaburi MRT station via the skywalk.
  • Take the MRT to the Hua Lamphong station

From the Hua Lamphong station, its a 15 minute walk or a short taxi ride to our office.  

  • During normal times, it is usually most convenient to take a taxi (~1 hour transit time, <500 baht including tolls & airport fees)

From the Don Mueang (DMK) airport

  • Currently, a taxi is the only convenient method of transportation from DMK to our office (~45 minute transit time, <400 baht including tolls & airport fees)


What is the best way to get to the CVK office from the Khao San Road area?

For the early morning (07:00) tour departure, taking a taxi will be the most convenient way as traffic will be relatively light before 06:30 (20-30 minutes, ~100 baht). During the rest of the day, traffic will be unpredictable, so please allow a minimum of one hour for transit.

Arriving to River City by the Chao Phraya Express Boat (http://www.chaophrayaexpressboat.com/en/home/) is a good option for the rest of the day.

  • Catch the southbound boat (going from right to left) with an orange flag from the Phra Arthit Pier (N13) near Khao San Road
  • Get off on the Si Phraya Pier (N3) right next to River City
  • Walk down the alleyway, take a left at the end, and walk 200m to our office near the exit ramp of the parking garage

This trip should take you around 30-40 minutes at the most and there won't be the uncertainty of hitting traffic.  The cost is 15 baht per person.


Do you provide a pick-up service from our hotel?

No, we request that our customers arrive at the departure point at least 15-30 minutes before tour departure time.  Bangkok traffic is typically light for morning departures (07:00) and quite heavy and unpredictable for afternoon departures, so please account for this in your planning.

Other general questions

Do you have a place to store luggage?

Yes, feel free to store your backpacks and luggage in our office during or after the tour.  Our office is open 06:00 - 19:00 daily.

Is there a parking space at your office?

Yes, River City Bangkok has a parking space.  We will provide you with a stamp in order to park your car 5 hours for free.  


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