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Co van Kessel Bangkok, Bike- and boat tours, was founded over 30 years ago by an innovative and adventurous Dutchman named Co van Kessel. Being Bangkok’s original bicycle tour we aim to take you off the beaten path and show you the REAL Bangkok. Discover one of Asia’s most captivating cities from an insider's point of view as we immerse you in the fascinating lifestyle and culture of the Thai people. Our half-day and full-day bike tours are designed not to bore you with talk, but immerse you in an experience where your individual fascinations emerge.

Bangkok’s original bike tour is not only an ideal way to beat the heat in this extremely flat city. It is the ONLY way to access the heart of an incredibly diverse metropolis whose many quaint neighborhoods remain inaccessible by car to this day. Cycling away from the main roads and infamous Bangkok traffic, our tours make use of small side streets, alleyways, and footpaths to deliver an urban adventure that will delight even the most jaded of seasoned travelers.

  • Tour 1:
    Co Combo
    5-hour Bicycle/Boat tour

    Price 1,850 THB
    Departures: 07:00 + 13:00

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  • Tour 2:
    Co Classical
    3-hour Bicycle tour

    Price 950 THB
    Departures: 08:00 + 14:00

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  • Tour 6:
    Co by Night
    3-hour Bicycle tour by Night

    Price 950 THB
    Departures: 18:00

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  • Tour 5:
    Co All Day
    9-hour Bicycle/Boat/Train Tour

    Price 2,300 THB
    Departures: 09:00

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other tours

An alternative for those who want to explore the REAL Bangkok at a more relaxed pace. Our boat and walking tours are perfect for the photo enthusiast, non-cyclist and anyone with a curious mind.

Adrenaline seekers and children will find pleasure navigating Bangkok’s canals in a James Bond rocket boat on our 5 hour multi-boat tour.

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