Tour 7: Co Canaling
2-hour Longtail Boat Tour

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Ride a classic longtail boat during this 2-hour canal (klong) tour.  Explore the ancient waterways of Bangkok and see how locals live along her famous canals.  This tour is perfect for the non-cyclist, photo enthusiast, and anybody with a curious mind.

Historically, canals have been the expressways of choice for the Thai people, resulting in the designation ‘Venice of the East’ being bestowed upon Bangkok by western visitors. Join us for a two hour exploration along the ancient waterways of Thonburi where we observe the many elements of the ‘canal life’ that once characterized all of Bangkok before wheeled motor vehicles came into prominence. After a short walk from our Chinatown starting point, we will board a longtail boat to take us across the Chao Phraya River to Thonburi. Here, we will enter the canal system and see an abundance of interesting wooden homes on stilts, temples and markets oriented towards life along the water. En route, we will make a few short stops to explore some of these sights up close. 

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