Tour 9: Co Rocket Boating
5-hour Multi-Boat Tour

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Co Rocket Boating is also known as our James Bond tour ('The man with the golden gun'). Experience life along Bangkok's canals in 5 hours where the thrills of the high speed Rocket-boat is just one of the highlights.

Through the years, the canals of Bangkok have been traversed by a dizzying array of exotic watercraft, from the omnipresent longtail boat to the noodle-vending canoe. None have more cachet locally than the James Bond boat (a.k.a. rocket boat), named for its appearance in the 1974 Bond thriller “The Man with the Golden Gun”. In this half day adventure, we will combine cultural exploration with high-speed thrills for you own Bond-like experience in Thailand.

Our journey begins as a Chao Phraya river express boat takes us on a relaxing cruise north to the town of Nonthaburi. Here, a longtail boat brings us into a canal system unlike those found closer to the city. Peaceful scenes of rural canal life will transport you to a simpler, more innocent time, when the days passed slowly and the worries were few. After an hour, the appearance of rocket boats signals a dramatic change of pace for our tour. Instant thrills ensue as high speed maneuvering through narrow canals will bring out the inner child in all. Adrenalin rush complete, another longtail boat takes us back to Chinatown.

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