There are several reasons to choose a Thai SIM-card with internet access when travelling in Thailand. We will go over several things you need to keep in mind when choosing a travel SIM-card in Thailand.

Thailand Travel SIM

This special package includes the use of worry-free internet on the 4G network at a fast speed of 4 Mbps in Thailand.  In addition, there’s a 50 THB balance to make phone calls during this period.  The average cost of calling to Thai phone numbers is 1-2 THB per minute giving you up to 50 minutes to call hotels, taxi’s, restaurants or tour companies during your stay in the Kingdom.  The entire package is valid for 30 days.  Once the the GB's of your package has been used up, unlimited data can be used within the 30 days at a speed of 128 Kbps.


  •  Valid for 30 days
  •  50 minutes local calls
  •  Popular among regular internet users
  •  Coverage: Entire Thailand
  •  Internet speed: 4 Mbps


Thailand SIM card

Keep your own WhatsApp Number


  • All users need to be registered by Thai law. It’s mandatory to show your original passport in order to get registered.
  • The Co van Kessel staff is happy to register you, help you to install your sim-card and get you ready to go at the Co van Kessel office.
  • Responsibility belongs to the consumer to have an unlocked phone. In case of uncertainty kindly ask our staff to use a test SIM-card first.

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